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      HOME > Company

      Shenyuan group

      brief introduction

      Jiangsu Shenyuan group is a large-scale production enterprise consortium integrating smelting, hot rolling, machining, flaw detection and physical and chemical testing. The group is the second largest and largest domestic diesel engine valve steel manufacturer in the world. It is the main drafting unit of 15 national standards, commercial standards and group standards, including gb/t12773-2008 standards for steel and alloy bars for internal combustion engine air valves, and has 133 authorized patents, Among them, there are 5 invention patents. The group has an annual output of 200000 tons of fine-quality special steel and hot rolling processing 200000 tons, cold processing 50000 tons of production capacity. Six production enterprises and 2 e-commerce companies, the group has a total assets of more than 2 billion yuan, with more than 1500 employees, covering an area of more than 1000 mu and a total building area of more than 200000 square meters.

      The main products of the group are more than 150 kinds of steel in five series, including internal combustion engine valve steel bar, electric heating alloy, high temperature corrosion resistant alloy, special welding wire, special stainless steel, etc., which are used in automobile, nuclear power, military industry, petrochemical industry, boiler machinery and other manufacturing industries. Products are exported to the United States, Italy, South Korea and other European and American and Southeast Asian markets. The main performance indicators of the products have reached the international advanced level, the overall technical level is in the leading position in China, and the sales of gas valve steel has ranked first in the same industry in China for ten consecutive years. The company has established a provincial engineering research center and a provincial enterprise technology center. It has won the honorary titles of national key high-tech enterprise, provincial innovative enterprise, provincial green factory, provincial famous brand product, provincial famous trademark, provincial AAA quality credit enterprise, Taizhou top ten industrial enterprises, etc.

      The company insists on seeking development through pioneering and innovation, takes deepening reform as the driving force, takes leading the industrial revitalization as its own task, takes optimizing the product structure as the key point, and takes the substitution of imports as the direction, and strives to promote the company to be stronger and better. It is expected that by the end of the "14th five year plan", the company will achieve the grand goal of "ten billion Shenyuan".

      The new year is full of pride. At this wonderful moment, on behalf of Shenyuan group, I would like to express my sincere sympathy to the employees, college students and engineers who are struggling in the production line! We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our customers, leaders and friends from all walks of life who have given our company concern and support for a long time! I would like to extend my high respect and deep blessing to all staff and their families who have made great contributions to Shenyuan group!

      2020 is an extraordinary year in the development history of Shenyuan group. In terms of macro situation at home and abroad, trade disputes between China and the United States lead to weak demand and low prices, which bring great pressure to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. At the same time, with the deepening of the domestic supply side reform, the transformation and upgrading investment of enterprises in environmental protection and energy saving has increased, and the burden has increased. In terms of the business environment, the stainless steel manufacturing industry, especially in the field of long material, has intensified the low price competition, malicious price reduction and cross-border competition. In the face of the overall downward market economy, the management of Shenyuan group made timely adjustments to its business plan. The group company worked as a whole to overcome difficulties, adhere to market orientation, and constantly optimize the product structure; Adhere to the transformation and upgrading, constantly increase investment in technological transformation, and improve the level of equipment; Adhere to deepen the reform of the company's internal management system, in-depth reform in business model, distribution mode and other aspects, and steadily improve the quality of management and operation; We should take multiple measures to manage the company in accordance with the law, use legal weapons to resolve historical problems, and comprehensively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company; We will continue to deepen foreign cooperation and actively seek major opportunities to integrate resources, develop strengths and make up weaknesses. It can be said that the past year has been a year for all employees of Shenyuan to work hard, to move forward with a heavy load, and to still make great achievements in the adverse environment. The group's three production-oriented enterprises realized invoice sales of 5.3 billion yuan and profits and taxes of 350 million yuan.

      In 2020, we will write a new chapter of innovation and development with diligence and wisdom. In 2019, we will forge a new milestone of transformation and upgrading with passion and sweat. In 2019, we will have a joy of harvest and a hope for the future. In the new year, we have a long way to go. We should be full of confidence and passion. With the courage of embracing all rivers, we should seize the day and live up to our time, and jointly write a new chapter of "innovation and development, win-win cooperation, and create a 10 billion Shenyuan"! Finally, I wish you all good health, smooth work, good luck and happiness in the New Year!

      Gong Yuansheng

      Corporate vision

      To build an international famous high quality special steel enterprise

      Corporate mission

      Create customer value and benefit the public

      Enterprise spirit

      Work hard, keep pace with the times and innovate

      sense of worth

      Integrity, dedication, collaboration, learning and win-win

      • Corporate vision

      • Corporate mission

      • Enterprise spirit

      • sense of worth

      Member enterprises of Shenyuan group

      Jiangsu Xinyue Auto Parts Co., Ltd

      江Jiangsu Xinyue Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Jiangsu Dongxiang Valve Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1958. The main products are engine valves, engine crankshaft torsional shock absorber, a total of two categories, more than 300 models and specifications. The company has 980 employees, 186 professional and technical personnel of various types, including 40 senior titles; It covers an area of 70600 square meters and a building area of 32000 square meters; Registered trademark "Dongxiang" brand, products have passed ISO / TS-16949:2002 international quality system certification.


      Jiangsu Shenyuan Special Alloy Co., Ltd

      The development of new energy industry is an important way for China's strategic development; Resource saving & quot; And & lt; Environment friendly & quot; The core of social development. The company actively tracks the development of advanced industries, explores new areas of modern industrial construction, and adheres to the principle of & lt; Providing high performance materials for global industrial equipment; Our mission is moving forward.


      Jiangsu Taifu Hengtong special material Co., Ltd

      High end manufacturing industry has high technology content, high capital investment, high product added value, high information intensity, high control power and so on; Five high & quot; The characteristics of the system. The development of high-end manufacturing industry is the inevitable requirement of implementing the national strategy and strengthening the new mission of development.


      Jiangsu Shenyuan import and export trade Co., Ltd

      The relationship between human and chemical industry is very close. The production and application of chemical industry marks the historical stage of human civilization. Chemical pipeline design is a very large and complex process, and in this process, the selection of pipeline materials is the most critical part. The selection of pipeline materials determines the quality and safety of chemical pipeline.


      Tianjin Boyuan Future Trading Co., Ltd

      With the depletion of land resources, the development and utilization of marine resources has become a global hot spot. Jiuli insists on providing high-performance materials for the global industry, helping customers overcome the complex environment such as ocean engineering, reducing the failure rate caused by materials, so as to improve the overall engineering efficiency. Jiuli marine pipeline, cryogenic pipeline, large diameter thick wall cryogenic pipeline, (super) dual phase steel pipe, heating coil, precision instrument pipe and other products have been widely used in shipbuilding, offshore platform, riser and other fields.


      Sales Hotline:0523-83760850

      Service hotline:0523-82329976



      Copyright Jiangsu Shenyuan Group Co., Ltd All Rights Reserved 
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