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                    What does the mayor's quality award bring

                    2021-04-26 09:34:42

                    Taizhou mayor quality award is an important guiding measure in Taizhou Economic work field. It brings the management idea and method of excellence, and it is a leap in concept and method. Its benchmarking effect will encourage a large number of enterprises to achieve a leap from excellent to excellent, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the city's enterprises and the overall competitiveness of regional economy.

                    At the end of 2011, Taizhou Municipal government issued the measures for the evaluation and management of Taizhou mayor Quality Award in order to encourage and guide the enterprises to adopt the international advanced excellent performance management mode and improve the quality management level and core competitiveness of the enterprises. The quality award of Taizhou mayor is the highest quality honor established by the municipal government, and the excellent performance evaluation criteria are adopted as the evaluation standard. After the establishment of "Mayor Quality Award", after a long period of careful planning and preparation, after a lot of constructive work, such as promoting management mode, establishing evaluation system, publicizing and implementing evaluation standards, establishing expert team, conducting quality award identification and improving working procedures, a strong social atmosphere has been formed. The enterprise has a systematic application of excellent performance model Management maturity has been improved to some extent, and the evaluation system has been gradually improved. So far, many enterprises have been honored. While celebrating, we can't help thinking about what the mayor's quality award has brought us?

                    1、 Mayor quality award encourages enterprises to introduce excellent performance management mode

                    In the past few decades, 79 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, the UK, France, Japan and the EU, have successively formulated the criteria for excellence performance evaluation, established the quality reward system of national or regional governments, evaluated and improved, guided enterprises to improve management performance and enhance the overall competitiveness of the region. The establishment of a quality award named after the chief executive of the government has become an important measure and an international practice for the government to carry out macro quality management. The most representative ones are the Daiming quality award, the American podolidge National Quality Award and the European Quality Award. In 2001, China Quality Association launched the national quality management award review on the basis of studying the national quality award and outstanding performance model in the United States, and devoted itself to popularizing the advanced concept and experience methods of promoting the outstanding performance model. In September, 2004, the national standard "excellent performance evaluation standard" was officially issued, marking the quality management of our country entered a new stage. In the same year, Shenzhen municipal government took the lead in launching the government quality award with excellent performance model as the standard, and named "Mayor Quality Award". At present, more than 20 cities in Shenzhen, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Nanchang and Wuxi have officially implemented the mayor quality award based on excellent performance model.

                    The "excellence performance standard" is called "excellent performance model" in management. The excellent performance model (Quality Award model) is based on the concept of large quality. It highlights the development strategy of the organization, the performance of the organization, the social responsibility of the organization, and is a comprehensive and advanced quality management mode. The establishment of "Mayor Quality Award", taking the excellent performance evaluation criteria as the evaluation basis of "Mayor Quality Award", as the policy guidance, greatly encouraged enterprises to implement the excellent performance management mode and pursue excellence.

                    Since the establishment of the mayor quality award, a number of key enterprises in our city have actively introduced the excellent performance model. More and more enterprises have begun to pay attention to and practice excellent performance management. The mayor quality award has led to the development of quality progress activities in the whole city. The concept of excellence performance management has been deeply popular. Dangtu County has also set up the "county head quality award", The upsurge of learning and introducing excellent performance mode has been set off in the city, which strongly promotes the city's economic optimization, leading development and scientific development.

                    2、 Mayor quality award improves the soft power of the enterprise

                    With the development of the world economic integration, the competition between countries and enterprises is increasingly dominated by hard power, and the competition of comprehensive strength dominated by soft power is becoming more and more important. In the process of promotion and evaluation of the mayor quality award, we deeply feel the gap between Taizhou enterprises and developed areas in management level: the overall strength is not strong, the soft power is relatively soft, which has become the soft rib restricting the scientific development and strengthening of the city's enterprises.

                    First, the society lacks the talents and experts who have experience in the excellent performance management model, and the institutions and scholars engaged in the quality management research. The first thing is that the enterprise is backward in management concept, insensitive to advanced management mode and method, not paying attention to it, little research, deep understanding and low enthusiasm in implementation; Secondly, the independent innovation ability of enterprises is relatively weak, which is shown in the following aspects: first, in terms of values, they only focus on the results of operation, and do not pay attention to the social mission and social responsibility of existence; Secondly, in the market, there is no investigation and Research on customer demand and change, and the strategy is lack of detailed analysis of competitive market; Third, in the aspect of information and knowledge management, many enterprises invest a lot of money in building software and hardware system of information collection, but they have not made good analysis and utilization of the collected information; Fourth, there are many weak links in process management, such as analysis and management of the main value creation process and key supporting process. Therefore, the homogenization of products is serious. Although the first-class tooling equipment is invested, only two or three-tier products are produced. The cruel price competition results in the decline of the benefits of many enterprises.

                    The mayor quality award is set up to guide the enterprise to change its business philosophy, improve the management method, make the enterprise's operation quality have a fundamental breakthrough and promote the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise. At present, Taizhou is in an important strategic transformation period. It is a strategic choice to actively advocate excellent performance management mode, which is to implement the scientific development concept, strive to realize the transformation from "manufacturing advantage" to "management advantage", and accelerate the major strategic choice to move from comprehensive well-off to basic modernization. The Daiming award of Japan and the podolidge national quality award of the United States have created a large number of world-class outstanding enterprises such as Toyota and Boeing. We expect that the "Taizhou mayor Quality Award" will greatly improve the soft power of the city's enterprises and lead a large number of enterprises to enter the ranks of world-class enterprises.

                    3、 The mayor quality award provides a scientific method for Evaluating Enterprises

                    As the essence of enterprise management in western developed countries, the evaluation method of the excellent performance evaluation standard is the latest summary of the international advanced quality management experience and method, and is the natural process and inevitable extension of the implementation of ISO9000 standards for many years. It is very systematic. It includes leadership, strategy, customer and market, measurement and analysis and knowledge management, and employees Process management and business results evaluate the performance and ability of the enterprise in seven aspects. That is, it is committed to benefit all relevant parties such as customers, organization owners, employees, partners and society, so as to achieve long-term success of the organization. Especially, the enterprise excellent performance is evaluated by quantitative scoring, and the actual score of the evaluated enterprise is given. Through the score level, it directly reflects the degree of enterprise excellence. The problems of difficult evaluation, different people and strong randomness are solved, which provides objective basis for the evaluation of mayor quality award.

                    As a new quality management mode, the excellence performance evaluation standard is not a compliance standard, it does not stipulate that the enterprise should reach a certain degree, but leads the enterprise to continue to improve and pursue excellence. This is a set of structural methods, and the enterprise personnel can easily master it if they have a little training. Therefore, it provides a good basis for the enterprise to evaluate and diagnose itself in all directions, and can help enterprises to find problems systematically and promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

                    4、 Mayor quality award promotes enterprise management innovation

                    Taizhou is about to enter the post industrialization stage, and the industrial economic development should be mainly based on innovative technology. The pursuit of excellent performance has become an important feature of quality management in the 21st century. Excellent performance management is the overall innovation of the organization management system, which lays a material and cultural foundation for the creation of innovative industries and innovative cities.

                    The establishment of "Mayor Quality Award" introduces the excellent performance management mode, which is an innovation of management mode. In the process of introducing the model, as a method of self-evaluation, it evaluates the leadership, strategy, customer and market, measurement and analysis and knowledge management, employees, process management and business results, The whole process of pursuing excellent performance is to build a platform for the enterprise to innovate in an all-round way. In the process of striving for mayor quality award, the enterprise seeks for the gap and pursues excellence by virtue of the excellent performance model platform, integrates various management systems and performance improvement tools and methods, and realizes the innovation of the enterprise in culture, system, technology, management and mechanism. Enterprises set up benchmarking in each link of the platform, making management innovation and technological innovation activities everywhere.

                    5、 Mayor quality award promotes the internationalization of enterprise management

                    The establishment of mayor quality award is the need of implementing the international strategy. Compared with international companies, Chinese local enterprises have a fatal short board of comprehensive management capabilities, including mission vision, strategy, human resources, brand, corporate culture and the overall operation of enterprises, in addition to the gap of technology, capital and scale.

                    Mayor quality award is a bridge to promote enterprises from excellence to excellence to the world. Its biggest feature is to adopt internationally accepted standards for excellence performance evaluation. This standard is the crystallization of many world-class enterprises' successful experience and the latest theory of quality management. As the international standard of quality management in fact, the implementation of the standard can enable enterprises and world-class enterprises to use the same thinking dialogue, absorb and learn from advanced international management methods and tools, and make enterprises accept the challenge of first-class international enterprises in the mode of operation and management, It is the only way for Chinese local enterprises to participate in international competition to operate under internationally recognized management rules.

                    In recent years, Taizhou has been among the foreign trade cities in the province, but it is far from a strong trade city, lacking high-tech, high added value, high international reputation brand, and lack of advanced quality management concepts and methods. In front of foreign technical barriers, trade friction caused by quality problems occurs frequently. The implementation of the mayor quality award promotes the enterprises to master the "Mandarin" of the international management of "excellent performance management", speeds up the pace of integrating enterprises with the international advanced quality management concepts and methods, strengthens the ability to compete with internationally renowned enterprises and strengthens the international competitiveness of the city's industries, enterprises and products.

                    6、 The benchmarking effect of mayor quality award promotes the improvement of regional overall competitiveness

                    To establish and evaluate the mayor quality award, we should praise a group of excellent enterprises with excellent quality and remarkable benefits, establish a benchmark and typical guide. On the one hand, through publicity and recognition of the winning enterprises, learning and sharing the practical experience of the winning enterprises, mobilizing and attracting more enterprises to participate in the mayor quality award creation activities, and playing a leading role in excellent performance management, more enterprises can establish the platform of excellent performance model, establish self-evaluation and performance improvement mechanism, and target excellent enterprises in the same industry We should actively carry out self-evaluation and continuous improvement, and constantly improve ourselves in pursuit of excellence, and obtain considerable development and continuous competitiveness. On the other hand, benchmarking effect requires the winning enterprises to improve their key performance indicators to different degrees, further consolidate the leading position of domestic industry and gradually grow into national brand enterprises with international competitiveness. Thirdly, the radiation, convergence and optimization of resource allocation of benchmarking enterprises drive the optimization and upgrading of upstream and downstream industrial chain, Form an advantageous industrial group. The demonstration effect of the quality award benchmark of Taizhou mayor will bring more and more excellent local enterprises with excellent quality and remarkable benefits. A large number of enterprises will achieve the leap from excellent to excellent, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the city's enterprises and the overall competitiveness of regional economy.

                    The quality award of Taizhou mayor is an important guiding measure in the economic work field of the city. As a government reward system that is in line with the internationalization, it brings more than these to the society. It brings the management idea and method of excellence, a leap in concept and method, and its technology spillover effect will benefit all kinds of institutions and organizations. We believe that the mayor quality award will become the propeller of building "benefit Taizhou", a symbol of Taizhou pursuing excellence, and will have a profound impact on the development of quality and benefit oriented economy in Taizhou.

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